Our Gutter System

The Patented LeafGuard System

What Makes LeafGuard Special?

The LeafGuard gutter system is a one-of-a-kind gutter system that is truly seamless and one piece. The reason so much emphasis is place on the “one-piece” aspect is because that one piece includes the curved hood that is actually built in the eavestrough. This means that there is no need for messy attachments such as aftermarket covers and screens that can be damaging to your home’s roofline. Furthermore, since LeafGuard is constructed with one long sheet of extruded aluminum, there are no unsightly seams in the system that constantly need welded or caulked over the years. Best of all, our LeafGuard eavestrough system comes with a clog-free guarantee so you can rest assured that your new eavestrough installation remains clog-free throughout the entirety of its life.

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